From Argentina to Zambia, Afrobeat to Zouk, Worldisc specializes in the publicity and promotion of world music and roots reggae cds and artists through US and Canadian media. Whether traditional, contemporary, fusion or hybrid, we use any and all means available to put your single-artist release or compilation in the North American spotlight through our established relationships with world-knowledgeable and world-friendly editors, writers, correspondents, websites, music directors, programmers, show hosts, djs, playlists, charts and tastemakers. Worldisc gets reviews and mentions and places artist features, profiles, concert previews and listings in daily and weekly newspapers, mainstream and indie magazines and cultural/ community publications. We generate airplay on hundreds of radio stations including satellite and internet, and obtain NPR reviews whenever possible. Worldisc is flexible and can function on a local, regional or national level as required.

Two cds are sitting next to each other in the bin. One says to the other, "I have a cool cover." The other one says, "Yeah, but people have heard about me." Which do you think is going to leave the bin first? Make your world or reggae cd stand out from the others by giving people some knowledge of it. If you represent an artist or group, get people coming to their shows and talking about them because they read about them or heard them on the radio. It will also be easier to get gigs if their cd and/or artist has something of a track record: reviews, articles, radio play and charting. Publicity is a cornerstone of artist development: the clips obtained today will only help down the road as you build a press kit and a reputation based in part on positive press.

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